turning movement count

Traffic Turning Counts

Our experienced team can count any junction layout that varies from a basic T-Junction to a complex multiple camera roundabout or Big Gyratory with any number of vehicle Classification. We are specialized in 98% Lane-by-LaneVehicle tracking on Large roundabouts.
intersection count

Link Count

MporisTechnologies provides you with the most precise, obtainable link counts traffic data service for individual vehicles.
parking survey

Parking Surveys

We have carried out numerous parking surveys on Streets, Supermarkets, Hospitals, Parking lots etc. We can supply the total In/Out of the parking, Accumulation information at any point of time, Individual parking bay information etc. If the parking beat survey is carried out manually, we can utilize our data entry operators to convert the details on the paper into the Excel form or any depending upon the client’s requirements.
registration survey

Registration Plate Survey

MporisTechnologies offers parking studies/survey services to our clients in the various locations across the world.
queue length surveys

Queue Length Analysis

We can supply different queues depending upon the client’s requirement. This includes maximum queue & minimum queue in any interval, Average queue length, Queue at the start of Green phase and Queue delay surveys etc. We even have experience of tracking the queue back form one exit of the motorway to the other using multiple cameras.
rail gate crossing survey

Train Station Surveys

We do a lot of train station surveys where we extract a number of information like Boarding/Alighting information on train, pedestrian activity on the platform, subways, Drop off/Pick up at the entrance, Waiting times for Taxi/Private cars, Other shuttle bus information etc.
bicycle count


Counting pedestrians and cyclists on the streets or roads are very useful for transport planning, Urban Design and Urban Planning.
round about count

Round About Count

However, the detailed turning movements are needed to canvass whether a roundabout or signalized intersection would work better in a particular location. The roundabout does not stop, If there is no traffic. If there is traffic present, wait for some time until it clears, then enters the roundabout.  It is better to say that a roundabout is a substitute to traditional intersections controlled by stop signs or traffic signals. The Roundabout plays a vital role in pollution reduction.
round about count

Intersection Count

Intersection counts, on the other hand, are typically done to help determine the capacity of an intersection and provide data which are used to advise signal timings. Again, these make me happy because it probably means the intersection’s efficiency is likely going to increase. The duration of the Intersection Count is typically informed by Average Daily Traffic data, which is collected by road tubes. That data helps to determine the peak hour data needed – usually an AM peak, a midday peak and a PM peak totalling between 6-12hrs.